Keith W. CarlsonEmployment Law

The attorneys at Carlson & Jayakumar understand the stress and disruption employment and business litigation matters can bring to employers. With their broad knowledge and distinctive experience in representing employers, our attorneys work to minimize costs and maximize efficiency in all employment and business matters. From the outset of corporate formation to potential law suits filed against employers, Carlson & Jayakumar’s attorneys work with employers step-by-step, through any issue that arises. Carlson & Jayakumar’s attorneys have represented clients through all steps of their business endeavors as we offer counseling and advice throughout a complete range of business and employment activities.

Healthcare Law

Carlson & Jayakumar’s attorneys have extensive experience in representing and advising healthcare providers in all aspects of law. Our attorneys have aided in the formation of numerous, successful healthcare corporations and have represented many doctors and other healthcare providers in litigation matters. Jehan N. JayakumarCorporations set up by our attorneys comprise different specialties ranging from medical corporations to chiropractic, acupuncture, and naturopathic corporations, including forming multi-disciplinary practices between various specialties. The attorneys at Carlson & Jayakumar have vast knowledge of the issues and concerns involved in healthcare representation and litigation. Our attorneys advise doctors during investigations and audits, both by insurance companies and licensing boards. They provide counseling and aggressive representation to clients in dealing with audits and claims. Carlson & Jayakumar’s attorneys understand how stressful an investigation or audit can be and work carefully to provide the best service and counseling during these trying times. Whether you are forming a healthcare corporation, being investigated or audited, or defending against a claim, Carlson & Jayakumar’s attorneys confidently offer services in all aspects of healthcare and employment.