Untimely Payment of Arbitrator’s Fees Can Result in Severe Consequences

Today, we’re highlighting three recent cases that address an essential aspect of arbitration proceedings: the timely payment of the arbitrator’s fees. These cases are a cautionary tale, because failing to pay on time can result in severe consequences, including losing your right to arbitrate at all.   Paying versus Mailing Doe v. Superior Court (2023) 95…

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Recent Ruling Clarifies Arbitration Agreements Covering Sexual-Harassment Claims

The California Court of Appeal recently issued a ruling in Kader v. Southern California Medical Center, Inc. that clarified the scope of arbitration agreements addressing sexual-harassment claims. First, let’s review the dates—because the timing matters in this new case and for employers with arbitration agreements. The employee, Kader, and the employer, Southern California Medical Center, Inc., initially…

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California Adopts a Federal-Court-Style Initial-Disclosure Law

Most of our updates focus on substantive changes to the law impacting employers and those in healthcare. This update is for you, too, but it looks at a new procedural change should you be in litigation. In the next few days, we anticipate seeing our first wave of “initial disclosures” now required in most new…

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Friendly Reminder Regarding February 14 Deadline for Non-Compete Notices

Deadline for Non-Compete Notices

This is just a friendly reminder to ensure you were aware of the February 14, 2024, deadline regarding non-compete notices. As we outline in our prior newsletter, California Assembly Bill 1076 requires employers to provide notices to current and former employees (hired after January 1, 2022) if their contracts contain non-compete clauses or if the…

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Prepare to Provide Details of Proof for Onboarding Documents, Arbitration, and E-Signatures

NL 4 onboarding docs

With e-signatures becoming ubiquitous for employers, we want to alert employers using electronic on-boarding processes about a recent Federal district court case in California: Zamudio v. Aerotek, Inc.. Employee Denies She Signed Arbitration Agreement A staffing agency, Aerotek, placed Zamudio with Caterpillar, Inc. in California. In 2019, Zamudio signed the onboarding documents through an electronic…

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