Friendly Reminder Regarding February 14 Deadline for Non-Compete Notices

Deadline for Non-Compete Notices

Friendly Reminder Regarding February 14 Deadline for Non-Compete Notices

This is just a friendly reminder to ensure you were aware of the February 14, 2024, deadline regarding non-compete notices.

As we outline in our prior newsletter, California Assembly Bill 1076 requires employers to provide notices to current and former employees (hired after January 1, 2022) if their contracts contain non-compete clauses or if the employees were made to agree to non-compete terms (that do not meet an exception). The notice must be an individualized communication to the employee stating the non-compete clause or agreement is void, and it must be delivered in writing to the employee’s last known mailing address and email address. Failure to comply with this requirement could expose employers to civil liability. So if this requirement applies to you, please ensure you send the individualized notice to your affected employees as soon as possible.

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