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New Year, New Laws Affecting Privacy & Consent, Abortion, and PA’s & Nurses

January 10, 2024

Happy New Year and welcome back to our newsletter, where we continue our exploration of legislative changes going into effect this year. With the new year, we will be writing to tell you about a host of new labor and employment laws across all industries, and labor and employment laws more specific to the healthcare…

Healthcare Minimum Wage, More Employee Protections, and Reproductive-Loss Leave

November 28, 2023

We hope this newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits. In this newsletter, we bring you the latest news from Sacramento. This is the season when bills have been signed into law, most going into effect January 1, 2024. The Legislature has been abuzz with activity, and the Governor has recently put pen…

SCOTUS 2023 Review

November 16, 2023

We don’t plan to write often on Supreme Court goings-on; few SCOTUS cases directly impact the employment or healthcare sectors on a day-to-day basis. But when they do, they really do. Plus, everyone’s got a natural interest in the Highest Court in the Land. So, in the midst of the 2023 fall term, we wanted to provide…

Updates on MICRA, Patient-Notice Rules, Abortion Law, and Medical Board

November 10, 2023

This update provides another overview of last year’s newly enacted bills, most of which have become effective this year. For our prior healthcare law update, click here. This installment looks at more new laws impacting (sometimes indirectly) healthcare providers. A Tip (or Rip) of The Cap Assembly Bill 35 was probably the biggest headline grabber…

Employment Law: Leaves, Cannabis, Retaliation, and Reproductive Health

October 16, 2023

Previously, we explored a few new employment laws impacting employers, including changes to minimum wage, new reporting and disclosure rules, and retirement plan requirements. If you would like to review those in further detail, you can click here. In this edition, we give you an update on several other 2023 employment-related laws you should be…

New Healthcare Laws in 2023: Confidential Information, Gender Treatment, Telehealth & Referrals

October 3, 2023

Hopefully you received our prior newsletter. If not, you can see it here. It covered some of the new employment laws affecting California employers, including those in the healthcare industry. This edition focuses more specifically on some of the new healthcare laws in effect this year. Future newsletters will take a look at what is…

New Laws & Pending Legislation

August 31, 2023

Introducing Our Newsletter As part of a new service for Carlson & Jayakumar’s clients and friends, we will be providing periodic updates on pending legislation and new cases impacting California employers and those in the healthcare field.  The California Legislature regularly offers up a host of new laws that anyone with an employee (or independent…

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